• Kirill Moskalenko - Director General

    Kirill MOSKALENKO graduated from Royal Holloway University of London (Egham, Great Britain), faculty of management with a bachelor’s degree. He holds an MSC (master’s degree) in Shipping, Trade & Finance of international City Business School (London). Mr. Moskalenko has been working in ALC “Interresources” since 1997 and as Director General – since 2003. He is a co-owner of the company.

    K.Moskalenko: “Our strategy is meeting the client’s requirements to the highest degrees of quality that wood can give.”

  • Vadim Revuka - Deputy Director General on Production

    Vadim REVUKA graduated from Kharkiv National Economic University majoring in finance. He has been working in ALC “Interresources” since 2003. Mr. Revuka participated in the creation of the furniture production unit and had headed it for several years. Since 2011 he is in charge of all company’s production units.

    V.Revuka: “For many years I have been learning to sell, but I have come to realize that true delight is gained from creating, producing”.

  • Alla Korol - HR-director

    Alla KOROL received her higher education in Kirovograd State Pedagogical University. She has been working in the company since 2008. In 2012 Ms. Korol completed training under the program “Professional HR: structural diagnostics of personnel” of FAISOM-laboratory of A. Tyslenko. She has been working in the realm of personnel management for 10 years.

    A.Korol: “Every person should have a job to his/her inclinations and capabilities, and every position at the enterprise must be held by a professional”.

  • Alexander Dyachenko - Deputy Director General on Heat generation

    Alexander DYACHENKO graduated from Kirovograd National Technical University with a major in technologies of machine building. He has a long-term experience of managing engineering technical services and operating modern Ukrainian and foreign equipment. Mr. Dyachenko has been working in ALC “Interresources” since 2009.

    A.Dyachenko: “The formula of successful work of a production enterprise includes modern equipment and responsible attitude towards operating machinery”.

  • Irina Vaypan - Chief Accountant

    Irina VAYPAN was educated in Kharkiv National Economic University specializing in field of accounting and auditing. She started working in ALC “Interresources” in 2007 as a production accountant. Since 2010 Ms. Vaypan has been heading the accounting department.

    I.Vaypan: “Competence and professionalism are our basic values”.